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The debut release from Nottingham based Producer “Devastator” is a strictly Instrumental Album. Created during & in the Aftermath of undoubtedly the toughest & most turbulent period of his life, this Album deals with Death, Heartbreak, Depression & ultimately Redemption.
Every aspect of the Album from the track-listing down to the Artwork was intricately designed to keep in touch with the “Redemption” concept. The Pyramids on the cover representing the uphill struggles life constantly throws at you. The Ouroboros symbol representing the never ending cycle of life, love & emotions with no clear beginning or end.
When played on repeat the CD continues infinitely with no clear start or finish as Ouroboros.


Since 2005 I have been witness to Devastators progression, from the first instrumental he ever made up until now.
After a few years of hearing nothing from this talented young man he comes back with a BANG. You can hear the pain and suffering in his beats, but at the same time you can also hear triumph, as he overcomes many obstacles and brings us an Album, that is worth more than the price.
Never before has an Instrumental Album captured me in the way that *Redemption* took over my inner being. If you are an artist, listening to *Redemption* will certainly inspire you, not to talk the “Generic Rap” that we hear on our radio’s and t.v’s, but you will certainly be influenced to talk some home truths, to let go, and just escape with words and passion from within.
Even I have fell victim to the mesmerising spell that covers this album, If I could compare Devastator to any major producer in the music industry, I would call him the English Kanye West (the Blueprint years) without a doubt. It takes true skill and excellence to put a variety of samples together, and create a true masterpiece.
Devastator - "Redemption" is F**king Amazing, I would recommend all artists to purchase and to be inspired by his sounds. I also suggest anybody who enjoys listening to melodic sounds, soothing instruments, those who appreciate music in its true raw form to ‘cop dat’ - Frosty Frost

**Track listing**
1-Ouroboros [Part-1]
3-a September Symphony
4-Empty Hearts
5-A Sky of Dream
6-Redemption [breaking the cycle]
7-A Brighter tomorrow
9-In a Place Without Darkness
10-Ouroboros [Part-2]


released September 28, 2012

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by The DEVASTATOR @ The Dangerzone, Nottingham 2012.
Devastator Sounds© / Mangan Music©



all rights reserved


Devastator Nottingham, UK

Nottingham based Producer, Beat maker, Soundscapist.

"My music is fueled by the combustion of opposites: Vengeance & Forgiveness, Purity & Defilement, the Grotesque & the Sublime..."

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